Church cross from chapel opposite Brougham Hall

Restoration project

Brougham Hall was purchased, by Christopher Terry, on 25 November 1985 and transferred, by him, for one peppercorn, on 8 October 1986 to the Brougham Hall Charitable Trust. Restoration work commenced, on a frosty morning, in January 1986.

The Brougham Hall Trusts’ intent is to restore Brougham Hall as it was externally. Unfortunately, the Trust could never attempt to replicate the interiors, nor would it be particularly conducive to finding worthy 21st century uses for the building once restored.

There are sufficient drawings, photographs and paintings to be absolutely certain of the external appearance of the building from all angles. Work progresses within the capabilities of our limited budget.

There is no particular time scale. The rate of progress is conditioned by the availability of finance, skilled labour and the weather!  Each stage of restoration also has to be discussed with the appropriate planning authorities.

Priorities are given to those parts of the building which are most in need of attention or which provide the most immediate solutions to our critical shortage of space. Wherever possible, we reuse original building material. Where that is not possible, we use our own skilled craftsmen.  On Monday June 11th, 2012, Askins & Little, Carlisle cathedral’s appointed stone masons, started work on Phase I of the Lord Chancellor’s Den.  This is a de-vegetation and consolidation exercise to provide a level platform off which to spring the second and third floors.  Trevor (known to some as Ian) Askins, started as a trainee, at Brougham Hall, when he was 16 years old. This phase was completed in October 2012, on time and on budget, thanks to a grant from the RDPE Solway, Border & Eden LEADER Programme.

Restoration work is taking place as transparently as possible with very few ‘no go’ areas for visitors.  Dangerous areas are clearly marked. Visitors are free to explore both the completed sections and those areas still awaiting restoration but should remember that work is ongoing. Parents of small children should be especially diligent. A superb scale model of the Hall, in its heyday, can be found in our museum. There is a delightful Cromwellian Chapel alongside Brougham Hall.

The continuing restoration of Brougham Hall depends on donations. Your help is gratefully received. Please make a donation here.

Please remember you are responsible for your own safety and that of your guests and children when visiting Brougham Hall.