Our Mission Statement

The Brougham Hall Charitable Trust was born out of an idea to save an important endangered building.  At the time that the idea was conceived, Brougham Hall was not necessarily going to be the only building in question.  It could have been any building anywhere in the country and three were under consideration.  The plight of Brougham Hall had been evident since March 1968 when there were four separate plans to demolish it to make way for a caravan park, an aparthotel, a trade union headquarters and, lastly, 26 poor quality speculative houses.

If Brougham were to survive, action had to be taken rapidly because, by November 1984, the first of the speculative houses (fortunately outside the curtilage of the walls) had been built and sold.  After protracted negotiations, the then owners agreed to sell and, on 25th November 1985, the future of Brougham Hall was secured.  Shortly after that, the valid planning consent and listed building consent, for the demolition of the Hall was rescinded and replaced by a much more sympathetic low density, high quality landscaped development to the south of the Hall.  On the 4th of September 1986, the Hall was transferred into a specially constituted Charitable Trust, the objectives of which are the preservation of the built heritage, at Brougham Hall and elsewhere in Cumbria and beyond: and, as a secondary objective, the promotion and encouragement of endangered vernacular skills, such as stone masonry, sculpture, the plumbing of real lead, high quality joinery, traditional metal work etc etc.  In the intervening years, the Brougham Hall Team has worked hard on its primary responsibility, at Brougham and on other projects in Cumbria and, during the winter, when little or no work is possible in Cumbria, on various overseas projects … in particular, Parson’s Lodge Battery in Gibraltar, the restoration of which, by the Brougham Hall Team, won that Colony’s only Europa Nostra Diploma.

On the skills side of the Trust’s objectives, over 250 school leavers have been given the opportunity to acquire skills, a work ethos and prospects of employment.  Many of these have gone on to obtain higher national qualifications, degrees, PhD’s and national and international awards. 

The overall objective, at Brougham, is to preserve in perpetuity, a place of interest and beauty, for the benefit of the general public.