Rectors of Brougham

1310 -1355    Robert de Appleby (no other dates stated)

1355-1362     Sir Thomas del Close

1362-1365     Thomas de Derby (resigned)

1365-1367     John de Merton (resigned)

1367-1393     Thomas de Derby (no other dates stated)

1393-     ?      Edward Skelling (no other dates stated)

Up to 1575     John Wansford (“Deprived of the living”)

1575-1583     Thomas Burton (resigned)

1583-1624     Cuthbert Bradley (obiit 1624)

1624-1629     Christopher Beecroft

1629-  1644   William Crackenthorpe (no other dates stated)

1644-  1646   Arthur Savage M.A. (Sequestrated) (no other dates)

1646-  1654   Thomas Robinson (no other dates stated)

1656-1661     Simon Webster (Transferred to Dufton, Appleby – The Rector at the time today’s Chapel was built)

1660-1664     Arthur Savage M.A. (shared duties 1st year?)

1664-1676     Samuel Grastie M.A.

1680-1707     Rowland Burrow M.A. (“obiit Clifton”)

1708-1711     John Atkinson (Transferred to Kirkby Thore)

1711-1722     Carleton Atkinson (Transferred to Kirkby Thore)

1722-1770     William Preston (obiit Brougham)

1770-(1777)-1781 Richard Machell M.A. (resigned)

1786-1787     John Mason Fenton

1787-1823     John Heelis M.A. (resigned)

1823-1834     Richard Heelis M.A. (resigned)

1834-1845     Gilbert Elliott M.A. (resigned)

1845-1846     Bryan Killoch M.A. (“Cession”)

1846-1864     Hon. Thomas Edwards M.A. (“Cession”)

1864-1900     W.S. Salaman M.A. (resigned)

1900-1922     Arthur John Heelis M.A. (resigned)

1922-1928     C.H. Eckersley (“Cession)

1928-1940     John Wilson (Obiit) (the Church had two glebe farms in the Parish of Brougham, the rent from which paid his salary and when he died the Wilson family were given six weeks to get out of the Rectory and no pension)

1940-1942     Norman E. Shepherd M.A. (resigned – probably because he was out of a job i.e. Chapel shut by War Department)

1943-1945     Chapel Closed by War Department

1946-1959     The Revd. Canon C.M. Lowther Bouch

1959-1971     The Revd. Thomas Evelyn Thorneley Burbury

1975-1989     The Revd. Thomas William Hardy Rutherford, Priest-in-charge 1975 to 1977: Rector 1977 to 1989 (Pastoral Scheme: Clifton, Brougham and Cliburn from 1977)

1989-1994*  The Revd. Paul Henry Hockey (Clifton, Brougham and Cliburn)

1996*-2006  The Revd. David Jeffrey Radcliffe (Pastoral Scheme: Lowther, Askham, Clifton and Brougham from 1996, move to Worcester 2006)

*The Revd. Wilfrid Braithwaite officiated at three principal events before, during and after the void from 1994 to 1996 – these were the dedication of Brougham Hall’s War Memorial in July 1992 and Doll’s Museum in July 1997, also the Clifton Battle re-enactment of June 1995.

2007-2010     The Revd. Steven McMahon - Priest in Charge of two combined Benefices

2011-2012     The Revd. Philip Clarke - House for Duty Priest for the single Benefice

2012 -           The Revd. Alan Maguire