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“His Royal Highness hopes that your marvellous work can continue and sends you his very best wishes for the success of your project”.
Letter from the equerry to HRH The Prince of Wales KG 19 March 1993
(one of four such letters of encouragement, the last of which was received 17 May 2006)

 “Brougham Hall has now been made available to the public in a way that could not be appreciated when it was a ruin, and I would like to congratulate your Trust for all that it has done – and to congratulate you too on your steadfastness in trying to collect suitable funds and suitable assistance”.
HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO
Commissioner English Heritage; Trustee British Museum
Speech at Brougham Hall 24 July 2003

“I was delighted when I discovered some years ago that this ancient edifice had acquired a Society of Friends to protect and improve its environment”.
Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone. Lord Chancellor
Book foreword 31 July 1999

“I do wish you every success with your imaginative enterprise”.
Rt Hon Viscount Whitelaw of Penrith CH MC
Deputy Prime Minister Letter 6 December 1985

“You have done a tremendous job in rescuing what was a totally derelict site and it would be good to see restoration of other parts of it”.
Rt Hon David Maclean MP.  One time Minister of Law & Order
Conservative Chief Whip
Letter 14 August 2002

“Since 1986, this site has been owned by Terry’s Charitable Trust and has seen the start of a remarkable revival…….it will be a massive task to recreate the old house but such a dedicated owner should be given his head by all in a position to help him”.
Sir Simon Jenkins.  Writer & Broadcaster
Deputy Chairman Historic Buildings Commission 1988-90
“England’s Thousand Best Houses” 2003

“Salvator, conservator et restitutor Broughamensis”
Derek Williams. Author & Broadcaster
Book dedication December 2004 

“To Christopher Terry, to acknowledge his outstanding contribution to the National Heritage and also his determination and courage”.
Brian Philp.  Archaeologist
Book dedication 21 April 2004

"In 1985 (Brougham Hall) was purchased by a Charitable Trust which embarked on what is believed to be the largest country house restoration project in England.  It is again, as it was in former centuries, a hive of useful activity”.
Rt Hon Lord Steele of Aikwood KBE PC DL
One time leader of the Liberal Party
Speaker of the Scottish Parliament
Book foreword 1999

“Each year, when I visit Brougham Hall, I try to imagine the great excitement that must have attended the Lord Chancellor’s arrival from London”. 
Rt Hon Lord Brougham & Vaux CBE
Book foreword Deputy Speaker House of Lords 

“I am extremely grateful for the help given to me………by Christopher Terry who saved the original letters of this history, for his wonderful work in preserving them from mould and his help in deciphering the text”.
Barbaro Noel-Baker
Swedish Diplomat
Book acknowledgement December 2000

 “An excellent report.  I enjoyed reading it and look forward to seeing further progress at the Hall.  You will no doubt be kept very busy long beyond retirement age!”
Syd Monk
Senior Police Commissioner.  Brougham Resident
Letter 8 June 2006

“I am amazed at how much progress you have made to rehabilitate the site.  It is looking very good and future prospects are exciting.”
Field Marshal Sir John Chapple GCB CBE
C-in-C UK Land Forces 1985-87
ADC General to the Queen 1988-92
Letter 10 October 1994

“Members of English Heritage acknowledge that Christopher Terry has “a good track record”.  He has sold his London house to raise money for the project, and has created a small training ground for building skills at Brougham Hall.”
George Hill
The Times
3 September 1987

“The massive problems of restoring just one derelict old building are usually daunting enough to satisfy the ambitions of the keenest conservationist but Christopher Terry has gone straight to the deep-end and is dedicated to bringing life back to the ruins of two of the once great houses of Cumbria.”
William Barton
Daily Telegraph
25 September 1987

“I recently visited Brougham Hall in the course of my book on English houses.  All I can say is, all strength to your arm.  You are one of the saints of England’s historic buildings.”
Sir Simon Jenkins, Author
The Times
Letter 3 September 2002

"Its been a real privilege to work with you on taking forward your remarkable work at both Brougham and Highhead"
Henry Owen John, English Heritage Director - North West Region
E-mail 4 May 2014