Books about Brougham

To order a copy of either of the following books, please send a cheque (made payable to Brougham Hall Charitable Trust) to Brougham Hall, Brougham, Penrith CA10 2DE.

Windsor of the North

A History of Brougham Hall by Benjamin Furnival

“This is a delightful book, written with meticulous regard to research. A masterly and readable story from Benjamin Furnival.” Lord Steel of Aikwood in his foreword to ‘Windsor of the North’

A history filled with as much incident, excitement, romance and tradegy as any modern royal household could muster. A detailed and entertaining account of Cumbria’s most colourful country seat. Benjamin Furnival has written the definitive account of the Brougham Family’s changing fortunes – from royal patronage to shameful bankruptcy at the gaming tables of Monte Carlo. He takes us from the Roman Empire to the Saxon and Norman invasions, and through the dark ages and the Jacobite rebellion to the emergence of the Brougham family themselves. We see their wealth and influence continue to grow, but political and royal scandal is never far away. 

Price: £9 plus £2.50 postage and package 

A History of Brougham Hall and Highhead Castle

By Mark Thomas        SOLD OUT

This hardback book tells the story of Brougham Hall and Highhead Castle – two great Cumbrian houses with 62 illustrations, many of them previously unpublished and genealogical tables complied by the Brougham Genealogist Peter Brougham Wyly. This scholarly work was conceived by Dr George Thomas, Scholar of Christchurch College in Oxford and written by his son Mark, who specialises in articles and books on country houses.

Price £30 plus £3.50 postage and package